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4 New Stone Countertop Ideas that aren’t in your kitchen or bathroom!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

When you think of stone countertop ideas, what rooms come to mind first? Probably the kitchen and bathroom right? While these are the most common rooms in your home to find stone countertops, they’re not the only places.

Stone Countertop Ideas

Here are four stone countertop ideas for other rooms in your home that you might not have thought of:

Entrance or Foyer: A sturdy table for wallets, purses, and keys in your front foyer can make an excellent first impression to your guests. Avoid clutter by and add some flower vases or potted plants, and one or two special decor pieces. An elegant mirror behind it on the wall will help smaller foyers look much bigger!

The Bar: If you have a bar in your home, a stone countertop will look fantastic. Serve your guests their favourite beverages in style!

The Patio: A great stone countertop idea is to install them outdoors around your patio or BBQ area! Keep in mind they will require more maintenance and care than indoor counters. Granite will hold up well in the elements, as well as soapstone. Quartz is not a good outdoor choice as it fades and doesn’t stand up as well to moisture.

Accent shelves: Bring your whole home designs together by using the same stone as your kitchen and bathroom, into the main living areas of your home. Use stone countertops for built-in shelves around your home. Having consistency in materials helps your home have a more inviting, more uniform look.

Natural and man-made stone countertops can also be used in tables and for floors around your home. If you are looking for the perfect slab for your stone countertop ideas, talk to the experts at Exotic Stone who have over 14 years experience in granite, quartz, and marble countertops!


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