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Our Tip: Caring for Quartz Counter Tops

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Caring for your quartz counter tops is relatively fool-proof and easy. Many clients prefer this type of counter top, not only because of its stylish and modern look, but also due to easy care and maintenance. 

While caring for your quartz counter top is minimal, there are some things you can do to keep it like new.

Cleaning your Quartz Counter Tops Routinely 

Your quartz counter tops rarely require a “deep clean” if you keep it in tip-top shape through regular maintenance. 

This doesn’t mean using “elbow grease” to get every nook and cranny of your counter top. Simply wiping it down with a soft rag and gentle dish soap is all it takes! 

This is also a great way to prevent permanent stains on your counter tops – it is always recommended that you clean spills or stains as soon as you can.  

Gentle Scrubbing is all it takes to Care for your Quartz Counter Top

Quartz counter tops are known for its sleek, polished, and glass-like finish. Because of this, abrasive scrubbing is NOT recommended. Materials like steel wool will actually result in the OPPOSITE of what you’re aiming to achieve. Gentle scrubbing is all it takes to maintain the beautiful glossy sheen of your quartz counter top. 

If you’re looking to clean any hard-to-remove stains, we recommend using soft bristle brush or a plastic scraper (again, make sure to take great care and be gentle!). 

Avoid using Abrasive House-Hold Cleaners with High Acidity

While quartz counter tops are known for their rock-hard durability, we recommend refraining from using abrasive, acidic, and common house-hold cleaners. 

Some chemicals are known to loosen the bonds between the polymer, resin, and stone pieces that all come together to make your beautiful quartz slabs.

A stone-safe quartz or stone polish/cleaner is the best product to use when it comes to deep-cleaning your counter tops. If you do not have these on hand, we recommend using gentle cleaning agents instead. 

Keep your Warranty Close By

Sure, Google might be the best resource for general counter top maintenance and up-keep. But your specific brand or stone-type might require some additional care and maintenance. 

Keep your warranty as a resource – the certificate should specify the best maintenance recommendations.

Following them will ensure a long life for your investment. 

Ask the Experts!

These top tips will ensure that you are caring for your quartz counter tops properly. But in truth, nothing beats the tips and tricks of an expert!

If you’re interested in investing in a quartz counter top and have questions about caring and maintaining this type of product, get in touch with our team. 

Still Have Questions? Get In Touch!


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