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How To Create A Functional Kitchen Island

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Is the kitchen the hub of your home? People cook, socialize, work, and do homework in their kitchen so you need it to be a space that works for your needs! That’s why kitchen island design is so crucial for this room in your home.

Functional Kitchen Island Considerations

Here are a few things to consider when adding or remodeling your kitchen island:

What’s its purpose? Is it just for food preparation? Do you expect to do work or homework there? What about parties and socialization? In your kitchen island designs, consider how much space you need for these activities and the durability of countertop surface you may need.

What’s your kitchen theme? When choosing materials, consider materials that coordinate with the rest of your kitchen. You don’t necessarily have to match materials exactly to other cabinetry and countertops in your kitchen, as long as they coordinate to your liking.

How big is your kitchen? Ensure you have enough room to maneuver throughout your kitchen, by leaving about 1 to 1.25 meters (or around 42 to 48 inches) of aisle width. Check that any appliances, cupboards, and drawers have enough room for you to open and interact with them comfortably.

Do you want seating? Your kitchen island design can often easily accommodate barstool seating by installing a countertop that overhangs (so you have legroom). Consider how many seats you want and where on the island you want them in your designs.

Do you need extra storage? Your island design can include cabinets and shelving for extra storage. If you’re a lover of fine (or even cheap) wine, you can build-in your own wine fridge or wine rack so your next drink is only a few steps away!

Need power? It’s never fun to trip over a power cord! Build a couple of power outlets on your kitchen island to power small appliances, laptops, or even phones as so the cords don’t stretch across your kitchen, creating a tripping hazard! You could even design one into a drawer to charge phones and small devices out of sight, leaving you more usable countertop space!

When it comes to designing your kitchen island, there are many functional, aesthetic, and financial considerations. If you need help navigating them, or designing the perfect kitchen island design for your home and family, ask the kitchen countertop experts at Exotic Stone for help.


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