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Do you know how engineered stone countertops are made?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

When you love the look of granite, but want more uniform colour and pattern, engineered stone countertops (aka quartz) is what you’re looking for. Here’s a little information about how these stone countertops are made and how this produces different properties than natural stone:

How are engineered stone countertops made?

Most engineered stone is a mix of 7% resin and 93% crushed quartz, granite, marble, or sandstone the size of grains of sand and/or rock salt. Sometimes recycled glass and plastic chips are added depending on the desired end composition. This mixture is added to a form, heated, and through a process called vacuum vibro-compression and hardens into a dense stone surface!

Engineered stone countertops can be molded or cut into virtually any size and shape (only limited by the ability to make a mold in your size). Consider the shape of edges, and if chipping is a concern, look for rounded edges.

Properties of engineered stone

Because engineered stone countertops are man-made, they have different properties than natural stone. They often tougher and resist scratching, chipping, and cracking better than natural stone. Even though it doesn’t absorb liquid, it’s only recommended for covered, indoor use because direct UV rays can cause discolouration and breakdown of the stone over time.

Engineered stone countertop care instructions

Thankfully, caring for these man-made countertops is easy. Since this stone isn’t porous, like natural stone, bacteria and dirt won’t penetrate the surface. Engineered stone won’t absorb liquids, so a simple soap and water solution is best for cleaning every day messes. This stone is also known for being very stain-resistant.

Engineered stone looks great in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere indoors where you need a durable, easy to maintain countertop surface. To see the engineered stone countertops available from Exotic Stone in Victoria, Canada, visit our warehouse or give us a call.


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