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Best Stone Countertops for a Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

As a Victoria-based countertop company, we may be slightly biased, but there are few things more fun than a kitchen remodel! Why? You get to start with a clean slate and design a kitchen that suits you and your lifestyle 100%. Your countertop choice will help set the tone for your kitchen so choosing the right ones is a good place to start.

Here are a few things to help you pick the absolute best stone countertops for your next kitchen remodel.

Your kitchen Theme:

Your theme or colour palette will help you narrow down the choices of counters, cabinets, and hardware for your kitchen remodel. We often recommend lighter-coloured counters if your kitchen tends to be darker, with less natural light. However, if natural light is often in abundance, you can consider some darker materials. You could also choose light counters and dark cabinets (or visa versa) for more contrast.

  1. Consider uniqueness: With natural stone countertops, no two slabs of stone are exactly alike so you benefit from the unique qualities of each piece, and with it come some variation in patterns. However, if you prefer a more solid, uniform appearance, look for man-made quartz countertops which often have more uniformity in patterns.

  2. Consider the cost: Costs often play a factor in your countertop choice, so be sure to budget for everything from the materials, shipping, and installation of your countertops. An expert can help you figure this out and we’re more than happy to help. Just ask us, we’re your Victoria countertop experts!

  3. Consider varying counter heights: Are you an avid baker or prefer a lower countertop for easy access? The latest in kitchen remodel includes a small “baking center” with a lower height than the rest of your countertops for ease when baking, cutting cookies, and even kneading or rolling dough.

  4. Consider edging: If you want more than a straight edge or corners on your counters (like if you want beveled, or unique cuts) consider marble as it’s easier to sculpt than other natural stones. It’s also an excellent choice for your baking center as it’s great for rolling dough and pastries.

Ultimately, make sure that the material choices for your kitchen remodel complement, not compete with, each other and the space you have. If you are looking for more guidance on choosing the right countertops for your project, bring pictures of your current kitchen space to Exotic Stone in Victoria, BC and we can recommend some great natural stone counters to complement your designs.


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