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What are the best bathroom countertops?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Your bathroom should be a place of serenity. When planning your next bathroom renovation, choosing the best bathroom countertops is often a first step because they form a visual foundation for the space.

Here are our suggestions for choosing the best bathroom countertops for your home:

Best bathroom countertops for easy maintenance: Quartz

We’ve found quartz countertops to be very popular with our customers. A key feature that makes them so popular is how easy they are to maintain. It’s a fairly new product (when compared to natural stone), but it’s earned its place as a low maintenance, durable, and contemporary option for any room.

Another feature that makes quartz a popular countertop stone is that it is uniform in colour and pattern because it is man-made. And, because it it man-made you have nearly endless colour options than with natural stone so you can make it match any colour scheme or theme. Quartz is also more easily manufactured into unique shapes a curves for a 100% unique countertop.

Best bathroom countertops for durability: Granite

Bathrooms are commonly one of the moistest environments in your home. With water from tubs, showers, sinks and toilets, bathroom countertops need to be durable and water resistant. That’s why we often recommend granite as one of the best bathroom countertops.

When properly sealed, granite countertops are strong, durable, scratch resistant, and won’t absorb liquids such as splashes from faucets, or condensation from warm showers and baths. They also don’t absorb bacteria (an essential feature of a bathroom countertop) and can be made in any shape or thickness to bring a sense of luxury to your home.

After selecting the best bathroom countertop, you’re one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams. If you need help choosing the right countertop for your bathroom renovation, stop by our showroom at Exotic Stone in Victoria, BC and our expert team can answer all your questions.


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