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Bathroom design trends for 2019

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

What’s on your 2019 bucket list? If renovating your bathroom is on your list, here are a few bathroom design trends for 2019 that you can incorporate in your renovation:

Angled bathtubs: Placing a standalone tub at an angle (ie: not flush or parallel to a wall) is an up-and-coming bathroom design trend design in 2019 trend we’re already starting to see this year.

Artwork Displays: Let’s face it, some people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Give them something nice to look at with some stunning statement art pieces on the walls.

Brass finishes: Brass edging, lighting, fixtures, and details add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. These pair well with white bathrooms with marble countertops or floors.

Frameless Shower Walls: With more shower stalls using natural stone on exterior walls, it’s not surprising to us that we’re seeing more bathrooms installing clear walls so the beautiful stonework is not hidden behind frosted or solid glass.

Marble: Marble stone is a popular bathroom design trend for 2019. Its versatility makes it work well in countertops, statement walls, shower enclosures, and flooring.

Matted black or grey surfaces: Lighter-coloured bathrooms work well with dark grey or matte black accents, cabinets, hardware, and fixtures, providing a sophisticated texture.

Mirrors: Gone are the days of large, plain rectangle mirrors behind your bathroom countertops. This year, we expect to see more statement mirrors in bathroom renovations and decor projects.

Wetrooms: We’re starting to see entire “wetrooms” for bathrooms, where there is no distinction between the bathroom floor and the shower, creating a larger, spa-like space with tiles spread across the entire floor and walls.

There are so many exciting ways to redecorate, or renovate your bathroom! If you incorporate a few of these bathroom design trends for 2019, you’ll have a bathroom space that is not only stylish but also beautiful and functional.

Ask us how to incorporate natural stone in your bathroom remodel today!


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