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4 Tips for holiday entertaining in your kitchen

Do you plan to do any holiday entertaining in your kitchen this year? If you’re hosting friends or family this holiday season, don’t be the holiday host who hides away in the kitchen busily preparing a feast. Here are a few tips to ease your hosting workload and bring your guests to you!

Tip #1: Prepare in advance When planning your holiday entertaining schedule, plan time to cook and prepare as much of your meal in advance as you can. Also consider cooking methods that are less hands-on day-of, like using a crockpot, digital steamer, or Instant Pot. This way you’ll have more time to focus on your guests and entertaining them in your kitchen.

Tip #2: Clean your countertops Make your kitchen sparkle by clearing clutter off your kitchen countertops. Give them a good wash, and maybe a new coat of sealer, if you have time (just in case your guests spill their drink on them). We may be biased, but the key to successful holiday entertaining in your kitchen is sparkly clean countertop. Your guests will appreciate and be in envy of your sparkly kitchen!

Tip #3: Decorate for the season After cleaning your kitchen for holiday entertaining, make it sparkle even more with a couple strategically placed holiday decorations. Some lit garland on a back counter, a string of lights above the cabinets, and a few treasured holiday heirloom ornaments spread throughout will make your room look fantastically festive. Make sure not to get too carried away with the kitchen holiday decorations or else people won’t be able to admire your beautiful countertops!

Tip #4: Holiday entertaining appetizers for the kitchen Have some appetizers ready when your guests arrive. They can be placed on holiday-themed platters on your kitchen island so you can chat with your guests while you’re preparing the next course. If you’re feeling creative, look up some festive themed recipes on Pinterest.

With a bit of planning, your holiday entertaining in the kitchen can go off smoothly and you will actually have time to spend with your guests in a meaningful way.

Happy Holiday season from all of us at Exotic Stone!


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