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Victoria Kitchen Countertops Trends (2019)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Homeowners often come into our Victoria countertop showroom and ask us “What’s new in kitchens?” Trends change by the season and by the year, but here are a few of the ones we expect to stay for a while. Today we’re talking about Countertops Kitchen Trends in Victoria 2019.

Kitchen Style Trends | Victoria Kitchen Countertops Trends

Victoria Kitchen Countertops Trends is always an interesting topic around here. There are many things to consider. We see and help build the most beautiful kitchens in the area.

Natural stone countertops: We’re getting more and more Victoria countertop orders made from natural stone as people are veering away from manufactured surfaces for their kitchen countertops. Natural stone adds a unique texture to the room and can be used as countertops, accent walls, bar countertops, and cabinet and drawer doors. (As you can imagine, this trend makes us at Exotic Stone very happy because this is our bread and butter!)

Coloured cabinets: We’re seeing more and more kitchens with painted cabinets. The old “standards” in white, brown, and black cabinet colours are being replaced with colours that provide a more personalized touch to the room. Another colour trend to look for is two-toned colour schemes. Contrasting a darker one with a lighter one is a great way to add interesting dimension to your room.

Clutter Free: We’re all looking to declutter and simplify the decor throughout our homes, thanks to influences from celebrities like Marie Kondo. This applies to the kitchen too as where we’re seeing more people hiding away appliances, gadgets, and decor items in favor of clutter-free countertops in Victoria, BC homes.

Hidden range hoods: Along with the clean and clutter-free designs, we’re seeing more hidden or concealed range hoods. They’re being designed to blend into cabinetry or other design features of the room so they’re a little less in-your-face!

Open shelving: Modern kitchens are using open shelving for storage in the kitchen and as long as you don’t clutter them too much with stuff it can look quite attractive and provide easy access to your kitchen supplies. They also help a smaller kitchen look bigger since there is minimal use of clunky cabinets.

Matted Textures: Appliances surfaces are no longer white, black, or stainless steel silver. We’re seeing more matte black appliances. It’s proving to be a stark contrast to whiter or lighter colour kitchen cabinets and flooring.

Decorative hardware: There are so many choices for hardware for your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Even the “clunkier” ones are becoming quite popular. It’s yet another way people are starting to personalize their homes and kitchens to their unique sense of style.

Bonus sinks: More kitchen designs are including a smaller secondary sink, sometimes called a prep or bar sink. These allow you to wash vegetables closer to where you’ll be prepping them, or make room for someone to be doing the dishes while another meal preps or can wash hands in the second sink.

Reclaimed Wood: For a farmhouse feel, we’re seeing more people choosing reclaimed wood for cabinets and kitchen floors. Just another way to add a unique, one-of-a-kind look to your kitchen.

Technology in the kitchen | Victoria Kitchen Countertops Trends

Technology for the kitchen has come a long way in recent years. Smart kitchens are growing in popularity. Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. Smart Fridges: Fridges have had screens in them for a few years now, but they have recently improved the technology dramatically. Many have wifi connectivity and touch screens allowing you to access recipes and websites on the internet, control other smart appliances in your home, and even see what’s inside your fridge (via cameras embedded inside) when you’re at the grocery store! Some can even inventory your fridge contents for you so you know when to buy more milk!

  2. Smart faucets: We’ve seen motion controlled faucets before, and at CES 2019 this year Kohler introduced the Kohler Sensate Faucet. This faucet uses both motion and voice commands to operate, or even dispense an exact measurement of water.

  3. Smart countertop appliances: Technology doesn’t have to be built-in to the kitchen. The ever-popular Instant Pot will be available with smart Wifi and Google Assistant so you can use voice commands and wifi to cook dinner in a snap!

  4. Smart Vacuums: Never manually vacuum again with a smart vacuum like the Roomba. While not a new product, we still love it as it can clean up crumbs in the kitchen (and throughout your home) while you sleep or when you’re not home.

The kitchen is often the social hub of your home. Current trends in kitchens are not just about style, but also focus on functionality and purpose. If you are looking for the right functional Victoria countertops for your unique style, contact us for a timely estimate.


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